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Download our 12 Fitness Circuit Activities

These were designed and field-tested by students at Caledon East Public School.

  1. 1.Circuit Stations 1-12

  2. 2.Fitness Planner

  3. 3.Fitness Organizer

Stay Fit!  Have Fun!
Strategies to keep organized:
use homework board
use agenda
record homework, asks questions of your teachers and peers during our homework review times.
be proactive!
  1. What are the top ten foods to eat?

  2. BulletCheck them out here.

Ontario Says

Health and Fitness

Check out these links to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.  In some cases, simply adding a fitness program to your daily routine can lead to a more active life and help prevent injury while at work and at play.  Live strong.  Live healthy.

  1. What are the top ten foods NOT to eat?

  2. BulletCheck them out here.

  3. BulletThere’s more here.

  4. BulletOh no.  More here...nasty.

  5. BulletWhy is good ole’ Tim Hortons not the best place to eat?

Foundations For a Healthy School!

How to remain healthy at school:

  1. 1.Stay motivated.

  2. 2.Balance your life.

  3. 3.Don’t become overwhelmed.

  4. 4.Keep connected with friends, family and your teachers.

  5. 5.Sleep and eat well (no late night snacking!)

  6. 6.More here.

  1. DPA In Our Schools.  Up for it?  Who wants to lead an activity?