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Science Help!
Strategies to keep organized:
use homework board
use agenda
record homework, asks questions of your teachers and peers during our homework review times.
be proactive!

How To Do Just About Everything

Check out our Comic Life. :)

Optical Illusion

iSchool 2006-2010

Check out iSchool - a really cool way to learn, create, inspire and groove.

Be sure to check out the 2008 Camp I Can iSchool here.

iSchool 2010 is here.  Check us out.

Click here for a fascinatin’ comparo of our planet to other celestial objects

Virtual Science!

  1. Virtual Science Main Site

  2. Sci-Fair CEPS 2011!

  3. ISU 2010

  4. Write that Science hypothesis!

  5. Structures!

My own science sites:

Science Fair Tech Help!

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