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On-Line Tests

Welcome to the Test/Information Page where you and your classmates can practice your math skills. All tests follow the Nelson Math 7/8 program guides and are at the Grade 7/8 Level.

I’ve organized the tests based on strand.  They can be used as a great study guide to help boost your confidence in math.

We support the use of technology and computer software to boost math performance and confidence!

Data Management and Probability
Number Sense and Numeration
Patterning And Algebra
Geometry and Spatial Sense

School Supplies Information

  1. All students will be required to use coloured duotangs to house their school work, class notes, research notes and assignments.   Any hand-out, info page is required to be stored in the doutang and brought to every class.

  2. While colour of notebook cover is not a priority, students are expected to have separate notebooks for the following subjects:

  3. Mathematics (thinking book)

  4. Science (thinking book)

  5. Journal/Creative Writing

  6. A binder to help store notebooks and materials while at school to assist in the transition from class to class.

  7. scientific calculator (students are urged to learn how to use basic second function operations  e.g., square root, exponents).  Students will not be permitted to share calculators during an assessment.

  8. writing, highlighter, eraser, underlining, colouring tools

  9. a USB thumb drive (2 gigs or higher)

  10. a metric ruler, math geometry set

  11. lined and blank paper

  12. a positive attitude and a willingness to take risks

  13. acceptance of responsibility over your learning

Bell Work!
  1. BulletAct #6

  2. BulletComing Soon!

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Learning Skills
  1. BulletTest 6


Survey Code:

  1. BulletTest 1  and Story

  1. BulletTest 1B  and Story