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English Help!
Strategies to keep organized:
use homework board
use agenda
record homework, asks questions of your teachers and peers during our homework review times.
be proactive!
Have you seen these Spelling Demons?http://allandrive.peelschools.org/ilab/spellingdeamon.htmshapeimage_5_link_0
Spelling 101

Go-Go Graphic Organizers!

  1. BulletHow to

  2. BulletGraphic Organizer Help!

  3. BulletPlace_Mat_Organiz.pdf Organizer (great when viewing media with students!)

  4. BulletBlooms Taxonomy

  5. BulletThe Go Chart for Summary Writing and Main Idea: go_chart.pdf, GO_chart_5day_plan.pdf

  6. Bulletfrayer_template.pdf

Go to www.PremierAtHome.com.

Type in the following login information:



  1. BulletCreative Spelling Practice?

  2. BulletBoggler!

  3. BulletNeed to work on an ISU?

  1. BulletPBS Design Squad!

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Summary Exam