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Hi!  Welcome to Spark!: your resource to prepare yourself, your students for 21st century learning - or just serving as a place to hang.  Enjoy Spark!!

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  1. 1.Interactive Science

  2. 2.Kidspace and Kidsclick

  3. 3.EdShelf 2.0

  4. 4.My Science site!

  5. 5.Guidance 101

  6. 6.Practice Math and here

Your Fan Faves

  1. IXL at math!

  2. Spelling City

  3. I Know That!

  4. On-Line Graph Paper

  5. Physical Geography Site

  6. Worldle Maker

  7. Learning Skills

PBS kids has got something for everyone!

Ross Drive’s Guidance Resource Site here!

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What is Spark! all about?  What can we offer you, the on-line community of learners?

The Program

Excel in math at IXL!  Yeah!

Pix & Motion
  1. BulletClick here to help map out your math program!

  1. BulletClick here to develop your science program!

Yes.  Let’s CODE!

  1. BulletNeed help writing that essay?  Help is here.  Here’s a sample essay too.

  2. BulletHow do you create a Lab Report?  Here’s one.

  3. BulletHere’s a great science lab! (right click to download) and a new one here.

  4. BulletGeneral math help and Novel Study support.

  5. BulletGrab a free trial of Inspiration™ software and Comic Life here.

  6. BulletClass Newsletters here!

  1. BulletClick here for my writing program!

  2. BulletHere’s why failure is not an option.

  3. BulletLearn about the Learning Skills!


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“Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.”   Anne Frank

Take a peek inside to see what’s up and coming at Spark!.  More than just a web site, the Spark! program encourages students to develop skills in media production.  Also within these pages are highlights of school events and general happenings Read more...

  1. BulletReady to take a stand?   Lest we Forget.

  2. BulletScience Made Simple

  3. BulletBrian Aspinall LOVES to code.

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”

Thomas Berger