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Go beyond Google
Strategies to keep organized:
use homework board
use agenda
record homework, asks questions of your teachers and peers during our homework review times.
be proactive!

  1. Bing

  2. Bing Visual Search refine queries through selecting images

  3. Deeper Web

  4. Wolfram|Alpha (computational knowledge engine)

  5. Goofram (search Google & Wolfram|Alpha together)

  6. Browsys (search across the search tools)

  7. Search Cube (visual page search)

  8. Yebol (semantic search)

  9. Yahoo!

  10. Wiki.com (for searching wikispace)

  11. Twoogle (searches Google and Twitter simultaneously)

  12. Findhow (How-Tos from Names You Trust)

  13. Buttonall (the Internet's universal remote meta-search)

  14. Ask.com

  15. Clusty(clustered search)

  16. Duck Duck Go

  17. AllMyFaves (choose you search tools among a bunch of categorized icons)

  18. Rollyo

  19. Kartoo (visual search)

  20. Twurdy (results ranked by reading level)

  21. Quintura (Search through tag clouds)

  22. Soople (busts out Google's features)

  23. AltaVista(Advanced),

  24. Wayback Machine (archived web pages)

  25. Thumbshot

  26. Boolify Project (an educational boolean search tool, currently in beta)

  27. SweetSearch (selective searching)

  28. SocialWhoIs

  29. More powerful search engines from Learn U!

Thankfully, I  can research in peace!
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Semantic search tools (structured, intelligent results)

  1. Twine

  2. Hakia

  3. TrueKnowledge

  4. SemantiFind

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