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Internet Policy

What are the rules?

Privacy -- Network storage areas may be treated like school lockers. Network administrators may review communications to maintain system integrity will insure that students are using the system responsibly.

Storage capacity -- Users are expected to remain within allocated disk space and delete e-mail or other material which take up excessive storage space.

Illegal copying -- Students should never download or install any commercial software, shareware, or freeware onto network drives or disks, unless they have written permission from the Network Administrator. Nor should students copy other people's work or intrude into other people's files.

Inappropriate materials or language -- No profane, abusive or impolite language should be used to communicate nor should materials be accessed which are not in line with the rules of school behavior. A good rule to follow is never view, send, or access materials which you would not want your teachers and parents to see. Should students encounter such material by accident, they should report it their teacher immediately.

Simple Advice

These are guidelines to follow to prevent the loss of network privileges at school.

1. Do not use a computer to harm other people or their work.

2. Do not damage the computer or the network in any way.

3. Do not interfere with the operation of the network by installing illegal software, shareware, or freeware.

4. Do not violate copyright laws.

5. Do not view, send, or display offensive messages or pictures.

6. Do not share your password with another person.

7. Do not waste limited resources such as disk space or printing capacity.

8. Do not trespass in anothers folders, work, or files.

9. Do notify an adult immediately, if by accident, you encounter materials which violate the rules of appropriate use.

  1. 10.BE PREPARED to be held accountable for your actions and for the loss of privileges if the Rules of Appropriate Use are violated.

  2. 11.While e-mail is a powerful communication tool, it must not be abused.  Communication must be done so in a professional manner (i.e., no emoticons, MSN-speak etc.).  Only questions to clarify an assignment or homework task will receive a response.

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